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By ExustioApril 24, in Cruisers. Hope this comparison sheet will help u guys make better decisions which tree to pick, how to play, and possibly notice any imbalances within the cruiser classes.

Excel WoWs Comparison Sheet!!!!! Hope this comparison helped u guys in picking which line to play, which ship to cry over, or which one to drool over and which one to rage over. I also hope these statistics might encourage some changes, as some are really needed.

world of warships comparison chart

If nerfing is too much of a problem, then buffing their respective counterparts might be the solution. Now you understand why everyone say thar. I guess the St. Louise has so much health because she is so slow that she cannot run away from Kawachis, maybe? Avoid red font please - it is reserved for WG staff and administration. Blue it is! Murmansk has the same firing arc as the Omaha, the difference is, Omaha has 4x2 not 3 launchers, Murmansk 2x3.

Rudder shift time of the Omaha is 9. Edit: Never mind - didnt check for the upgrades. The barbette bug really kills it, and the enormous spread on the 5 low range buttlauncher torps makes it hard to hit with more than 1 torp on the rare occasion you get to use them.

A shell upgrade on the Baltimore is the Super-heavy shell with much more pen compared to prev shell. I have more T4 cruisers than that, and I don't even have the Phoenix. Think u mean the japanese one with 40 torps? Or the alpha one? Yea, dont have it, and cant see the stats in the tree's, so ur on ur own on that one.

Well I knew the Katori had more health than the Erie but I had not noticed it was so much, it even has more than the Tiers 2 and 3 lol. By the Time i switched between guns and Torps and geting the ship to move a bit to the side to actually being able to fire with an Aoba a Cleaveland can land 3 to 5 full slavos.

Torps are pretty much useless unless u can sneak on an distracted Tunelvisoning enemy. Overall the game favors the american ships more since its easyer just to shoot up your enemy than lanching torps and hope the enemy wont make course changes for 2 minutes.

I assume this is the company policy, same regarding the flags. Some people in our dear regions of east and west may not like Japanese ships be "that good," so Japanese ships were balance around being hard to play to give the feeling they are underpowered but at the same time good players would argue that you need to l2p.

It isn't necessarily bad, I like the challenge of playing the IJN line. However, some buffs here and there are needed. It's a fairly sensible choice, and one that I'm honestly not that upset about, but I do think that they got it slightly wrong with a couple.

The pair of under-torpedoed DDs spring to mind. I'm also concerned about what will now happen when they try to make the Japanese more competitive. Giving Super Kitakami-sama a smokescreen like they've promised will render her borderline OP in certain hands. Existing user?More: Changelogs. In order to achieve victory in battle, players must employ a wide range of strategies in a variety of tactical decisions. Sudden ambushes, cunning flanking attacks, open confrontation and "head-on" assaults — captains must strive to find an ideal way to deliver a decisive blow at the enemy.

Tactical diversity in World of Warships comes from the inclusion of many different classes of warships, including: aircraft carrierscapable of providing remote air support and striking targets at extreme range; colossal battleships that project power across vast swaths of ocean; light and heavy cruisers with the capability to quickly respond to changing battlefield conditions; and stealthy, agile destroyers which can be highly effective in group attacks.

Welcome to Wargaming. Page Discussion. View Source View history. World of Warships. Jump to: navigationsearch. Game Version EU Server: 0. Commonwealth France. List of Premium Ships. Aircraft Carriers.

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world of warships comparison chart

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V Yakovlev Yak-7 M Compare. IX Alekseyev I Compare.

world of warships comparison chart

X Alekseyev I Compare. V Polikarpov I Compare. VII Kostikov Compare. IV Arkhangelsky Ar-2 Compare.However the USN cruisers seem to be able to pen at shallower angles. Basically my experience both confirms and contradicts what I have read so I want to do a little digging.

The problem with that is that Moskva has the fastest shells of any cruiser but its penetration power seems to be less than my Roon's. This is obviously anecdotal evidence as it's based on only my own experience. I would imagine that penetration is a formula of speed and shell weight - of which there were some tables that people were sharing a while back.

However there's another variable that was mentioned krupp?

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About the calibre thing, I doubt it as the Moskva has mm guns but its penetration doesn't seem any different. If anything, like I said, it seems to have worse pen than the Roon and I imagine the Hipper and Hindenburg. Oh dear god no. So far we dont have exact tables - only a datamined "ballistic coefficient" that seems to be their interpretation of Krupp-values.

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Those are all T 5 cruisers Ever wondered why a Murmansk in vids is citadeling other Omahas with ease with plunging fire? While your Omaha cant do the same? Ever wondered why a Murmansk in vids is citadeling other Omahas with easy with plunging fire?

That spreadsheet is pretty cool although there seem to be some slight mistakes. Like the Hindenburg's reload time is stated as being 12 seconds but I think it's actually The rate of fire is correct though so it might just be me nitpicking. Krupp might be a normalizer or something. The reason I say that is that with the Moskva, my HE dmg falls off dramatically once the enemy has been hit a few times but the Zao's HE dmg falloff is nowhere near as dramatic.

Louise hay pdf

The thing is if you are able to hit citadels and pen either close up and broadside or away and plunging - there is no over penetration. So thats that. Plunging fire comes from above - but the shells have bad pen-capabilities. So a lot more regular pens, which in turn do more damage than HE shells you would otherwise utilize because you would just bounce with Omaha AP.

Heavily angled and close its worse - maybe, but either way I am either penning anyway and the shell driving the length of the ship so it doesnt matter. Or I am just far enough away and would still use HE - which is probably also what a Omaha would need to utilize. They nerfed the Krupp values on all those cruisers exactly for the reason of being able to pen each others citadel all to easily - but Murmansk got to keep its broken stats. So you would give Murmansk Krupp, which is also not a big difference, but in the other direction?

World of Warships Best Ships In Every Tier (2019 Edition)

Isnt Krupp a German manufacturer? Also its not like you can change your shell loadout so ultimately does it matter as long as you know what you can pen? It is indeed or at least it was at some point. But it's also a value that WG have attributed to shells. I am trying to ascertain if it figures in the penetration formula or not. You can't change your shell loadout but you have several choices. The penetration values play an important part in that choice.

For example in my Moskva, I was making choices similarly to how I make that choice on my Zao but I realized that for some reason, the Moskva seems to pen better on angled targets or because of the much higher RoF I get to take more shots and land more citadels.

Secondly, it impacts my choice of ship. Specifically, I like to grind my way up the cruiser lines - that's how I play the game.By ExustioJanuary 31, in General Discussion. WoWs Excel sheet!!! That must have taken a lot of time to make.

Great job. I have written a comparison excel sheet for every ship ingame.

World of Warships AP penetration calculator Beta 0.71

If u like what u see, don't forget to like this thread! First of all, how exactly does Krupp value work? I thought it represents the penetration power of a ship's shells, but according to the chart the Atlanta has a higher Krupp value than even the Yamato vs.

Another part is the shell speed. What's up with that? Does the shell arc make such a big difference? BB shells feel way faster than DD shells.

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Some of the values in other categories seems to be mixed up. The Krupp value is a modifier to the penetration formula which includes impact velocity, shell diameter and shell mass. If everything else is equal then the shell with higher Krupp has better penetration, but generally mass and impact velocity are more important. Shell speed changes over time, depending on the shell's diameter, mass and drag coefficient.

Heavier shells maintain far more velocity over time, and so have flatter arcs than lighter shells with higher muzzle velocity.

Would be interesting to get to know why the Murmansk have so much higher Krupp value with AP then the Omaha, were the shells painted in Soviet colours? But this is excellent work, and now we have it black on white that the Murmansk is stealth-buffed with this Krupp thing compared tho the Omaha. One point of feedback, since I noticed you put the Mogami with the mm guns into the overview, since I guess it's the way most people play it atm:.

For some ships, the last hull upgrade is not always the best choice. The Omaha had the advantage of having more guns while using the B-Hull in comparison to the Murmansk, while still having less range with the C-Hull.I've created an excel file with the most important specifications IMHO of all warships.

All ships appear in default specs and fully upgraded specs when upgrades exist. I've also added the "normalized precision" which is basically the shell dispersion at 1 km. It helps comparing guns accuracy. If you find issues, just send me a Private message and I'll try to correct it for the next update. Unfortunately, the tables are not correct. For example, it is said that Tier 8 Russian Cruisers have radar Chapayev but it's not the case for the Kutuzov.

The only place where I found this information is in the game itself when you own the ship Warships Specs. I've just tried and I have no prob to enter the user and password.

Can you explain what is your issue? Existing user? You need to play a total of 50 battles to post in this section. Report post 1. Posted June 22, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Report post 2. Posted June 23, Report post 3.

world of warships comparison chart

Posted July 3, Report post 4. Posted August 18, This is the latest version? Report post 5. Posted August 31, Update will be posted as soon as 6. Report post 6. Posted September 1, Report post 7. Posted February 18, Report post 8. Posted April 25, Doesn't work.So, I did the comparisons of the two carrier lines, and I'm going to do one for each class.

I like seeing the pertinent numbers right next to each other so I can see how each nation stacks up against the others. This chart is for players who have played a few matches, understand the fundamentals of the game, and want to either get some good performance data to help them choose a line, or to get the quick-and-dirty of what they are up against. I really hope this helps some people understand the differences in the ships, especially if you're a numbers guy like me.

If anyone who has played higher tier battleships and knows what sort of special gizmos or whizzfits a ship has, please comment and I will update the chart. Also, I will not be including premium ships to these comparisons, as they are not part of the advancement lines. I created these to help people choose which line they would like to play, because it was a little overwhelming for me at first and I could not find anything like this.

World of Warships AP penetration calculator Beta 0.71

Also also, all the numbers in the chart for each ship represent the ship when it is fully upgraded and without equipment, camo, or signals. The numbers can be misleading if you are looking at your ship without any upgrades.

These disparages are not reflected in the chart, only fully upgraded ships. HpArmor 13 mm. MT-6x2, HpArmor mm. MT-4x3, HpArmor 32 - mm. HpArmor 18 - mm. Nice keep up the great work. You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section. Report post 1. Posted June 18, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Report post 2. Posted June 28,

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